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A B cup is always a B cup; a D cup is always a D cup:

The cup size is actually proportionate to the band size, when you go up in the band size you should go down in the cup size and vice versa, so a size 10B cup would be the same amount of cup capacity as a 12A.

Underwire is always uncomfortable

The underwire is designed to give support but if worn in the wrong place it can be very painful. The fit of the bra and the underwire chosen by the manufacturer is very important to the comfort of your bra.

Lace is itchy

All Elegantly Scant construction fabrics are specialty lingerie fabrics. We use many natural fibres which are soft to the skin, such as cotton and silks, however some people are more susceptible to skin irritations than others.

They don’t make anything (pretty) in my size

Elegantly Scant produces 20 bras sizes – and up to an E cup in our padded bra & maternity range. In this bra, you can buy exactly the same style that would be available in a size 10A. Our larger cups are engineered using components that cater for supporting a larger bust.

The bra flattens me

The patterns of our padded bra are made to follow the natural shape and curve of the bust. This would indicate that the bra size is too small for you, flattening your bust line as the bust has nowhere else to go.

I don’t want padding

Most busty girls shriek at the idea of padding. If you are a looking for larger bra cup sizes or DD or E bra sizes we use a very thin foam which will offer the “support” but not “size”. We have a very good success rate with other customers who have a similar concern, only to become loyal customers to our brand. Once they try it on, most are generally very pleasantly surprised!

I need more padding

You will find that our padded bras do have ample padding, and in addition emphasize your natural shape. We have converted many customers with this same concern into Elegantly Scant Padded Bra Fans – you may be one!

Elegantly Scant Fine Lingerie

Fall in love with movie star glamour, curves and bows, sass and cheek and the magic of old fashioned ribbon. Remember a time when lingerie was sewn with love and care and embellished with handmade lace

Our bespoke custom made garments, as well as our ready to wear pieces are cut in-house and finished locally.

Once worn, never forgotten


Based in a private studio in Paddington, we are available for your lingerie needs.

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