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This fitting guide has been developed by our expert designer, with more than 15 years’ experience in design, manufacture and sales with Elegantly Scant lingerie. Our purpose is to assist you with correctly fitting your Elegantly Scant bras and lingerie. Please note that this is to be used as a guide in fitting Elegantly Scant products only.

Introduction to Bra Fitting

Elegantly Scant garments are designed to fit like a glove. They are structurally made to offer comfort, support and stand the test of time. There is a discerning difference between the perfect fitting bra, and one that comes close. As a rule, if you think that an Elegantly Scant bra does not ‘fit’, the chances are that the size that you are trying is not the correct size for you.

Designed to be proper fitting foundation garments, our bras follow the natural curve of the bust and when fitted correctly, do not ‘point’ or ‘flatten’ the bust. The top cup should generally not sit too high or low. It is a ¾ cup, with a nice open neckline.

Your bras should work for you, not the other way around. Elegantly Scant produces a well-engineered bra so that your shoulders don’t end up doing all the work. Bras that don’t fit can affect the shoulders and chest, causing back pain as you get older, and de-generation of the muscle tissue, causing irreversible stretchmarks and drooping.

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Correct Posture

1.    Stand straight and tall, roll your shoulder blades down and back

2.    View the fit of your bra through the mirror (not by looking down)

Slouching or looking down while trying on a bra will project your shoulders forward, causing your bra to ‘gape’

Positioning of the Straps (One Finger Rule)

1.    The strap position should run vertically over your shoulder where your collarbone meets the round of your shoulder

2.    Do not ‘taper in’ straps towards the neckline nor angle in an ‘outward’ direction

3.    Adjust the strap length by pushing the slide to a position where it is not too taut or too loose

4.    Place your thumb underneath the strap at shoulder point. If your strap extends more than 1-2cm from your shoulder, the strap should be tightened

Adjusting the back (Two finger rule)

Like the reins on a horse, pull everything back, not forward

1.    Hook your bra to the tightest position that your body will comfortably allow and place two fingers underneath the band

2.    If your band when stretched is more than 4cm, the back size is too big. Try hooking your bra on a tighter hook for a firmer hold

3.    Anchor the band downwards, below your shoulder blades so that the frame runs in a horizontal line around your body

Lift your arms in the air. Your bra should not move away from your body. Nor should it slide during normal activity. The frame should fit firmly against your body and the band beneath your shoulder blades

Positioning of the Cups

The frame of a bra provides the majority (80-90%) of the support for the breasts, with the straps providing the rest (10-20%) of the support

1.    If your breasts do not sit comfortably in the bra cups, place your hand beneath your breast and ‘sweep’ your breast (in the bra cup) towards the opposite collar bones - so as to rest comfortably in the cups

2.    Ensure that your bust is held securely in the bra cups and tip slightly forward. Your breast tissue should not ‘tip out’ of the cup

Slip the

Shoulder straps off your shoulders. Your bra should stay in place, if not your back band size is too large. Try going down one back band size (and up one cup size)


1.    Strap length is taut (One Finger Rule)

2.    Band is anchored down and taut (Two finger rule

3.    Centre gore sits flush against rib cage

4.    Under wires frame the cup comfortably in the ‘bust crease’

5.    The apex of your breasts sit halfway between your shoulder and elbow


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